take me higher - cd

 "Take Me Higher" is my third CD and is more intense then any other music I've recorded. Most of the songs are about pursuing a passionate God, an "all consuming fire." I tried not to hold back. It's about going after God hard. "Blazing eyes of fire it is
your passion and desire to draw us unto you. You're an all consuming fire, burn away everything that stands between me and you, burn it away." (Lyrics from Praise You)

This CD rocks, and yet it's melodic. I believe you can have both. On this CD we went a "little higher a little deeper." (Take Me Higher). There is a song called "Holy" that is different than anything I've previously done, that could be classified as "soaking
music." On my next CD (God willing) I'm going to move more in than direction. But for now I hope you enjoy "Take Me Higher." Turn it up, I hope a fire is ignited in you for a
passionate God.

2 minute Song Samples available here


Take Me Higher
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